EURODRILL News at the trade fair Geofluid 2012

The trade fair Geofluid took place from October 3rd until 6th in Piacenza/Italy. During the last years this trade fair evolved from a small national show to a very significant international trade fair. Every two years the latest technique in Special Civil Engineering is presented.

At the EURODRILL stand visitors could exclusively gaze at innovations.

For the first time EURODRILL presented the latest development in the vibration technique. The DHV 2400 is the first vibration drill head throughout the world that makes it possible to drill by a vibrating double head drilling method. The vibrations are – at the same time – transferred on the outer and inner rods that are rotated by two independent rotary heads. Relative displacement of 300 mm could be realised by this.

A small and very light construction double head drilling unit DH 400 was another highlight. This weight of only 230 kg makes it possible to use this technique also on low weight mast attachments.

EURODRILL has answered to the requirements on the market with this high-speed rotating drill head CH 400. A maximum speed of 1,400 min-1 is possible and also using drill rods up to a size of PQ with a chuck. By these advantages the customer can cover an expanded field of drilling applications.

The 4th novelty at the EURODRILL stand was the hydraulic drifter RD 1001. This is EURODRILL’s first step into the field of rock hammers. At 4,000 blows per minute this drifter can also be used in hardest rock conditions.