RHV 2400

The RHV 2400 designed as the further development of the proto type RHV 1700 was presented during the BAUER in-house show.

By modifying the rotary drive the RHV 2400 could be constructed in a better compact structure. During the demonstration on the BAUER premises in Aresing the customers could get an impression and assure themselves of the efficiency of this vibro-drill-head.

Another highlight of this in-house show was the presentation of the KLEMM anchor rig KR 807-7 where the vibro-head RHV 2400 was mounted on as a double head drilling unit combined with a EURODRILL hydraulic drifter HD 5017.

By a symbolic hand-over of keys during this in-house show the customer Neidhardt Grundbau was able to take over the rig.