Flexibility as standard

At times of increasingly tight schedules and limited availability of capacity, characteristics such as universality and flexibility in equipment can be decisive factors for the success of many projects. This trend is also clearly apparent in special civil engineering. For work to be efficient, projects will need solutions that can quickly adapt to changes in the general work conditions. Eurodrill, which develops and produces hydraulic drill heads, drifters and special solutions for special civil engineering applications, is also following these developments closely. As a result, the company has launched a new generation of devices specifically designed for these requirements: the so-called ‘X series’, based on the simple concept of flexibility. Today, different drill heads as well as different types of drill rigs are used for various applications. Thus, it is logical to use the same drill drive for these different applications. The heads of the X series always use the same gearbox and can be combined with the right attachment kits within a short conversion time, including:

  • A rotary kit – for simple rotary drilling applications;
  • A floating spindle kit – for use with a down-the-hole (DTH) hammer; and,
  • A percussion kit – for percussion drilling applications.

The main advantage is the cost saving resulting from the procurement of only one drill head. Different mounting plates now belong to the past. Furthermore, the company says, the savings arising from the simpler logistics should not be underestimated. According to Eurodrill sales manager Andreas Pikowski, to allow for such flexibility, the company had to make some changes to the drill head design. However, as this was in line with market requirements, there will be demand for these types of solutions. Pikowski says that particularly the rental market has been booming for some years now and companies are looking for this type of universality.

In addition to its versatility, the X series also features some further technical optimisations. Among other design advancements is the back hammer device. Eurodrill says the development of a simplified mechanical version was a success. This system is also nearly wearfree, meaning hydraulic oil leaks in case of overload are history. Furthermore, in the future, it will be easier to integrate shank adapters with large threads. By utilising weight-saving measures and high design standards, features of the X series drill heads will continue to be useful as the range expands. Pikowski adds that additional models are part of Eurodrill’s plan going forward, and its customers should keep an eye out for more news at the next big tradeshows, including this year’s Geofluid in Italy and Bauma in 2019.