HD 2002

Hydraulic Drifter of EURODRILL HD 2002

design features HD 2002

  • modular and compact design requires only small room, optionally with integrated flushing via shank adapter
  • wear reducing damping system to support easy dismounting of the drilling tools under most difficult conditions
  • efficient percussion control by optimised pilot oil flow and by practical assembly
  • optimal utilization of the drill power by control of the percussion frequency and the percussion energy to all working conditions
  • compatible to drill rigs of lower class of weight and of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements
shank adapters
H55 LH / RH
H64 LH / RH & H66 / R38
R32, R38, R51, T38 & T45, IB30, IB40 & IB52
other shank adapters on request
hydraulic, electric or manual shifting
mounting plates
flushing heads
weight reduced version
central lubrication point

Tecnical description HD 2002

rotary mechanism HD 2002

technical data at p = 200 bar & Q = 75 l/min
motor type 100 103 105
gear 1 1 1
torque (Nm) 800 1450 2200
rotation (min-1) 300 165 108

percussion unit

technical data
operating pressure bar 160-200
oil capacity l/min 40-55
single blow energy Nm …320
no. of blows min-1 …2500

Pictures to HD 2002