VDW 3015

In front of the wall drilling systems of EURODRILL VDW 3015

design features VDW 3015

  • compact design requires only small room and optimal use of existing narrow rooms to produce secant pile walls directly in front of an existing wall
  • counter-rotating of the gears for casing and hollow auger guarantees an enormous drilling progress and a great precision
  • integrated sliding cylinder for relative adjustment of the casing to the hollow auger
  • compatible to drill rigs of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements
hydraulic or electric shifting
mounting plates
speed meassuring
pendulum part
auger adapter
path measurement for relative adjustment

Tecnical description VDW 3015

gear box 1 / casing VDW 3015 gear box 2 / auger VDW 3015
technical data at p = 320 bar & Q = 600 l/min technical data at p = 320 bar & Q = 400 l/min
diagramm_3015_rohr_320bar diagramm_3015_schnecke_320bar
technical data at p = 345 bar & Q = 600 l/min technical data at p = 345 bar & Q = 400 l/min
diagramm_3015_rohr_345bar diagramm_3015_schnecke_345bar

Pictures to VDW 3015