RHV 2400

Vibrations Heads of EURODRILL
Vibration-Rotary Head RHV 2400

design features RHV 2400

  • modular and compact design requires only small room
  • strong bearing system of the main shaft which is designed as a hollow shaft for most diverse drilling applications and drilling methods
  • central supply of the mechanical components and bearings via continuous delivery of a lubrication pump
  • compatible to drill rigs of all manufacturers for different applications and requirements

advantages of the method

  • drilling-/ speed / depth: clearly higher in comparison to the use of a hydraulic drifter
  • cost reduction: multi-functionally applicable, lower fuel consumption due to clearly higher efficiency
  • reduced wear: lower torque is required, reduction of wear in general
  • process reliability: the risk to damage the anchor while pulling the drill string is nearly excluded
  • environment: reduced noise level, reduced fuel consumption
drive shafts
flange connection
other connection on request
hydraulic, electric or manual shifting
mounting plates

Tecnical description RHV 2400

rotary mechanism RHV 2400

technical data at p = 280 bar & Q = 170 l/min
motor type HP 48 HP 67
gear 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
torque (kNm) 17 11,4 8,5 5,7 24 16 12 8
rotation (min-1) 44 66 88 132 31 47 62 94


technical data at p = 200 bar & Q = 120 l/min
frequency (Hz) 60
centrifugal force (kN) 160

VMS system

With the VMS system patented by EURODRILL the inner rod of an overburden equipment can be separated in axial direction at the vibration – rotary head type RHV 2400. Consequently the full vibration energy will be transmitted to the casing only, so a down-the-hole-hammer can be operated simultaneously.


Advantages of the VMS system:

  • Extension of the application possibilities with RHV 2400 larger drilling diameters, drilling depths and/or shortened processing time
  • Enormous saving potential on fuel by reduction of the processing time
  • Simplification of the drilling system by saving cost-intensive DTH bits to retract the casing
  • Facilitation when removing the casing by reduction of the friction with vibration when removing, as it is continuously approved

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Vibration Head RHV 2400